“working with Jenny on the VASA has brought my swimming to a level I never thought possible. The way she constructs workouts and integrates them within your swim program, develops strength,sustainability, power and mental confidence. She has a great ability to get the best out of you so if you haven’t tried a session with her yet…go ahead…you’ll never look back!” -Lesley Paterson XTERRA World Champion

I started racing triathlons in ‘82 and my biggest highlight to date was an Olympic distance PR of 2:05 in ‘84 that earned a spot in the National Championships.
I have led a multi-sport life for the past 30 years but was eager to get back into being a real age group competitor. Even with the years and knowledge I was struggling, so I turned to coach Mike for a boost.
Mike doesn’t follow one training recipe for all. Instead of trying to fit life into a rigid training schedule he fits the training into life. My regimen was overhauled and I immediately noticed benefits. I was not only getting faster and stronger, but also felt better and more recovered for all those other important parts of life.
This past year I raced faster than I have in 10 years and met my goals to qualify for Team USA in road tri. I also qualified and participated in the Xterra off -road triathlon National Championship race. Thanks coach Mike.
Dan Smith -age 54
Appleton, WI

I felt like I was doing doggie paddle before I met Mike and Jenny at Lyle Fitness Consulting. Now it feels like I am getting faster each week I visit them. Each time I get a few pieces to work on. Those pieces are coming together forming an effiencient swim stroke. I am using less energy and going faster. It is an amazing feeling. Times in the pool are consistently coming down. It is not an overnight process, but working with Lyle Fitness Consulting will get you results.
Karl Bordine
Professional Triathlete

About half way through a race swim, I used to think, ‘when is this going to be over, why am I doing this?’. After going to Lyle Fitness Consulting I have not thought that once in a race. I actually have a swim stroke, I’m not just moving my arms around,now. I feel like I can swim. Mike and Jenny have the knowledge and communication skills to transform a non swimmer to someone that has a swim stroke and can efficiently move through the water. -GCT

English. That is what they speak at Lyle Fitness Consulting. They know their swimming (as many do), but they teach it in English, not that foreign language of Swim. -Professional Triathlete

Mike Lyle Is one of the finest trainers/coaches I know. He has always been both intuitive and ingenious in his training sessions for both my cleints and myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s workouts, as he combines both imaginative and rigorous science to help his cleints progress to new athletic heights. I would highly recommend Mike, at Lyle Fitness Consulting for all of your training and coaching needs.

Brian Kildow, H.H.P
ART / Deep Tissue Specialist

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